Dr. Pablo Jeczmien Working with the Integrated Governance Team

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Dr. Pablo Jeczmien working with the Integrated Governance Team in Recovery Services. This is under the auspices of Working Age Mental Heath Services (WAMHS). Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is the Lead Consultant for the Integrated Governance Team, which is essentially a leadership team designed to figure out how best to run their department. In his position as Lead Consultant, Dr. Pablo Jeczmien has a responsibility to the Clinical Director and is accountable to him. He also acts as the Clinical Director’s de-facto deputy in that role.

Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is a licensed and registered Consultant Psychiatrist. He is licensed by the United Kingdom General Medical Council and a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the main professional organization for psychiatrists in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is a mental health professional who understands the state of health services in the United Kingdom. Health Services in the United Kingdom are in the midst of a period of transition and Dr. Jeczmien recognizes that these changes affect Mental Health Services too. Dr. Jeczmien understands that this means that the services and customer services must change along with the industry—innovation and creativity are needed. Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is also an honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

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